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Education has always been the tool to remove ignorance. In modern times, we have seen that education plays a key role in educating the youth of our country. Though all wish to study in colleges, due to many reasons especially the lesser number of seats in colleges, become a barrier to gain admission in colleges. The Distance Education programmes run by the Kerala University and the other universities in the state help students to fulfil their dream of becoming Graduates, and Postgraduates. AKS with a legacy of 25 years has been instrumental in helping students deal with the admission process, examination process and other university related processes over the years forging a healthy relationship with the student community and the University. Reacting to the situation of the Pandemic struck world, AKS decided to launch an education wing so that it caters to the educational needs of the students by providing online classes at an affordable rate so that the students can get through their academic journey with much ease. AKS Education is the Academic wing of AKS that has academic partnership with reputed and scholarly teachers. So with this new step, AKS now becomes a one-stop destination for students who wish to get registered for University courses and students who wish to find a good centre for learning.

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